We undertake the aggregation of sub-systems to deliver solutions of hybrid functionalities characterized by high ergonomic standards, sophistication and best value, custom made to suit the operational mode of clients. These solutions are:

  • Managed Print System (mps): Organizations waste about 30% of their annual budget on printing-related tasks, thus negatively impacting the bottom line. MPS eliminates CAPEX and improves the P&L.
  • CRD Solution: Setting up of in-house Corporate Reprographic Department (CRD) for organizations as a backward integration strategy for cost effectiveness and brand sanity.
  • CBT Solution: We help to setting up CBT centres in accordance with regulatory standards.
  • Educational Support Solution: Equipping Schools with e-learning facilities, Digital Display Boards for smart class rooms, On-demand Digital Exam Question paper printed in secured, fraud and malpractice-free manner.
  • Vocational Solution: We offer very versatile printing and branding equipment and machines for small, medium or large scale production purposes. These have become veritable tools for vocational development capable of generating employment opportunities or job opportunities for self reliance, empowerment and poverty alleviation. We amalgamate our solutions to create investment opportunities for willing Investors. We have various business models for the different layer in the MSME cadre. These are offered either as stand-alone or bundled solutions and can be offered in conjunction with Government, NGOs, and Corporate bodies or directly to the investing Individual.